Newline Designs manufacture finely detailed white metal historical figures for wargamers and collectors in 28mm and 20mm scales. All the figures are sculpted by Sean Pereira ensuring consistency, accuracy and anatomical correctness throughout the range.

The 28mm scale has long been popular amongst collectors as the sculptor is able to show high levels of details in each individual miniature. Figures in this scale can be purchased singularly as well as in discounted army or unit packs. The army packs provide excellent value and give a well balanced force – an ideal starter set for a new army or period. Use the unit packs to expand your army easily & economically.The figures are compatible with the majority of other manufacturers in this scale.

In 20mm Newline Designs provide one of the most extensive and detailed ranges available, ideal for FoG, WAB, DBA or DBM. This scale provides a low cost alternative to 28mm, without compromising the detail, enabling the painter to produce stunning results. Try a new period or army utilising the army details & you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the value this scale offers.

Based in the U.K, Newline Designs offer a reliable world-wide mail order service. In addition, the figures can be purchased at various wargames shows throughout the U.K. Pre-ordering is recommended due to the large number of figures & ranges available. Please see our events section for details

Suggestions for future ranges are always welcome.