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The next show we are attending will be Attack! Devizes, 18th and 19th July

New WWII British with Sten guns, German and Russian Mortars and Heavy Machine Guns


New 28mm Arthurians

ARR01 - Arthurian Command

ARR04 - Arthurian Warriors II

ARR05 - Arthurian Warriors III

New 10mm Carthaginians

10CA01 - African Heavy Infantry

10CA02 - Libyan Heavy Infantry

10CA03 - African Heavy Cavalry

10CA04 - Carthaginian Elephants

10NU01 - Numidian Infantry

10NU02 - Numidian Cavalry

10SP01 - Spanish Scutarii

10SP02 - Spanish Caetratii

10SP03 - Spanish Cavalry

10SP04 - Balearic Slingers

10SP05 - Celtiberian Scutarii

10SA01 - Samnite Infantry

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