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Painted 28mm Biblicals and Dark Age Figures now available


New 10mm - Ancient + Biblical Ranges:

Egyptian, Hittite, Seapeoples, Libyan and Trojan War


New 20mm WWII German, British + Russian Troops


New 20mm ACW Dismounted Cavalry


20mm Waterloo Army Builder Offer

Large Selection of 20mm Bargain Packs (French, British, Prussian, Brunswick, Nassau, Dutch, Belgian etc.)

100 Infantry (incl. Command)

or 33 Cavalry (incl. Command)

or 12 Guns + Crews

£32.50 each


Special Offer £25 only on these selected 20mm Bargain Packs:

FRBP03 - French Line Infantry

FRBP05 - French Cuirassiers

BRBP11 - British Foot

BRBP06 - British/Belgian Light Dragoons 



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