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                                       20mm Army Pack Offers!

Little bighorn Battle Pack

36 Mounted Sioux warriors, 24 Dismounted Sioux Warriors, 24 Dismounted 7th cavalry


Sudan Battle Pack

40 British foot, 40 Mahdist Infantry, 30 Sudanese Tribesmen, 9 Mahdist Cavalry and 6 Mahdist Camel riders.


Jacobite Rebellion Battle Pack

24 British Musketeers, 24 British Grenadiers, 50 Highlanders with muskets and cutlasses and 30 Highlanders with claymores and lochaber axes.


Sikh War Battle Pack

24 British Foot, 24 Sepoy Foot, 2 British Guns and Crews, 9 British Light Dragoons and 1  Mounted General.

24 Sikh regular Infantry, 24 Sikh Irregular Infantry, 30 Sikh Fanatics, 2 Sikh guns and crews, 9 Sikh Dragoons and 1 mounted General



Wargames Exhibition and Trade fair
Sunday 29th May 2016
Bourne End Community Centre, Wakeman Road,
 Buckinghamshire SL8 5SX

Demonstration Games
Bring & Buy
Hot Food
Spacious Bar
Good On-site Parking

 Admission: Adults- £2.00
Children- FREE
Contact Sean: info@newlinedesigns.co.uk
Vanquish Wargames exhibition and trade fair
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Monthly Specials For February

10mm - 2 Ship Naval Battle pack
10mm - 2 Ship Naval Battle pack
£69.50  £50.00
Save: 28% off
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